Dec 13, 2014

Adventures in Saturday-land

Ross is on vacation this week! Meaning a whole weekend with the whole family home! Woohoo!

Today we started with a delicious surprise egg breakfast, then Cade and I went on a walk through the neighborhood and then home for some Saturday morning cartoons. Then the whole family loaded up into my car to run a couple errands, including swinging by the fire station in Georgetown and ending at a park in Round Rock that includes dog park and kid park.

After nap Cade and I had a sidewalk chalk happy hour in the back porch. It feels SO much bigger now since our old table and chair set is gone. We colored all over the place - porch, fence and in Cade's case, on his face.


This evening Ross is out to dinner with friends while I hold down the fort (last night I went to a Christmas party while he held down the fort so this is a quality trade).

And finally, as you can see, I am getting way too into these picture collages...

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Anonymous said...

That's OK! We all love the pictures, in collage or any form!

Grandma Caro