Dec 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

This year our family is celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve to accommodate Ross' work schedule.And since Ross grew up celebrating on Christmas Eve, it isn't really a stretch. (Does this mean he never got to watch a relevant Santa radar on the news? I must ask; that would be sad.)

Cade started his Christmas Eve Eve with his "Christmas calendar" and today received a box of raisins, a delicious addition to his breakfast. Then it was off to preschool while Mommy and Daddy worked, built his big Christmas present and did the grocery shopping.

Let's visit the building part though. It included dropping temps, rain, a 20-page instruction book and lots of parts. But in the end, we got the job done (we may have gotten pneumonia from being out in the cold wet weather but damn it, Cade has his playscape-thingy).


The name of the game this evening was "keep Cade out of the backyard" so we closed all the blinds, went on a walk around the neighborhood and watched cartoons.

After bathtime we enjoyed one of the best Christmas Eve (Eve) traditions of all - cookies for Santa! Now I'll be honest, I didn't remember this until about 3:30p today so it wasn't quite June Cleaver fresh baked Toll House cookies. But since Cade isn't quite two yet, I think that's OK. Instead Santa got some strawberry newton cookies on a Santa plate (so he would know the cookies were for him, duh).

As you can see, Cade was very excited to put them out on the coffee table for Santa. (Since we don't have a fireplace, we just place them convenient to the Christmas tree. How Santa gets in without a chimney is a conversation for next year...or never if I can make that happen.)

And with that the little boy in reindeer jammies was off to bed, with visions of sugar plums dancing in his head.

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