Feb 21, 2015

Ele-pants Ea'ing

Sheesh! It's been weeks! We've been busy busy bees. Most notably Cade and I spent two nights in Houston and had QT with my parents, my grandma and Brenda. I also got QT with Melissa while he was hanging out with Grandma and "Pa-pa."

Afternoon playtime with Pa-pa and Great Grandma
 On our Houston trip he really showed off his every expanding vocabulary. He started calling my dad "Pa-pa" and throughout the drive there would tell me "Pa-pa 'ouse" yes, little boy, we were going to Grandpa's house. Very good! Once we arrived he also said "TV" for the first time (that I heard anyways) so that was new.

It was a quick trip, Thursday night to Saturday afternoon. It worked out really well though. We got to see everyone we wanted to visit and had a solid amount of weekend time at home, especially since Monday was a holiday for me.

On our way out of Houston Saturday we went to the zoo with my mom. He was very excited about the elephants and kept pointing and saying "ele'pant." As the post title implies, he saw them eating. For days afterward he would tell anyone who would listen "ooo ele'pant ea'ing" as in "At the zoo, the elephants were eating."
Ele-pants Ea'ing
Telling narratives and answering questions with more complex responses than "yes" and "no" is new this month and so so so so much fun. We love it!

Just monkey-ing around at the Zoo on Valentine's Day
Our Houston weekend kicked off 2 months of very very very busy times for our family. Tomorrow I'm working at my company's customer conference, Thursday Ross has his promotional ceremony and in just a couple short weeks the Cade-man turns two. I also have some exceptionally big projects going on at work in March including a conference in 2 weeks and a business trip to Dallas at the end of the month. We're selling our old house (had an offer today but ultimately turned it down for a long list of complicated reasons) and starting a health kick in March too. Because you know, a strict exercise and workout routine during major work craziness and a home sell is totally a good idea.

Then April hits with Easter, Ross' birthday, the end of my work craziness and finally, blessedly, four nights in Mexico. Some time in all that we'll also file our taxes, add steps to the back porch addition, get my eyes examined, take Cade to his 2 year pediatrician's appointment, meeting sweet baby Carys (Jon & Erin's soon-to-arrive-bundle) and a host of mundane every day things like shower and eat. Needless to say, by the time we board that flight to Cancun and hop down the coast to Tulum, we are going to be highly in need of some R&R.

And some cocktails.

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