Feb 4, 2015

The Pink Eye

Happening last month but not previously blogged about, everyone's favorite toddler had pink eye. Wah-wah.

Fortunately for him, I don't think the actual pink eye was that awful.

The eye drops, however, were pure torture for everyone involved. At their best, it required me to hold Cade in a wrestling move and for Ross to sneak attack them into his eyes while enduring screams of "No! Eyes all done! No Mama! No Dada!" At their worst it was Cade and I wrestling in his room, him kicking and hitting me, both of us breaking a sweat and tearing up for a one-(wo)man pinning and eye-dropping. Awful I tell you. Awful.

And that's when I let him use the glass markers to color in the mirror. They don't "wash easily" like the packaging lies about. But they do make little, traumatized boys happy which in turn makes their traumatized mothers happy. So fine, I'll spend the next 10 years cleaning glass marker off the mirror.

And if Crayola is smart, they'll set up a display for these right next to the pharmacy counter to sucker in parents of sick kids nationwide.


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Brittney Garneau said...

I also read Labor Day and had the same feelings. The ending was definitely pleasantly unexpected, and overall I'd recommend it!