Jan 24, 2008

For my birthday I am getting...

A Val! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, loyal blog readers, I am getting my very own Valerie for my birthday. She is flying in from DC on Thursday Apr. 24 and will be here for my birthday weekend. Is it possible that I could be more excited? I think not. Ross is eve a little excited I think (don't quote me on that though). He's planning on taking the Friday and Saturday that she's here off to spend with us. He's succumbed to his role as DD as I will have one of my very best friends to play with for three days and cannot be expected to shy away from margaritas. They are after all part of the true Austin experience and I am determined to give Val nothing but the best most true first taste of ATX.

Other and sooner visitors though are Grandma and Mom who are coming up for this weekend. It will be a short visit, Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon but I am very excited to see them, especially Grandma. She's never seen where I live so I want her to check the place out. Saturday we're going to the Bob Bullock history museum because Grandma, like me, is a big history nerd. Then we'll have dinner at Threadgills, per suggestion of Ross's mommmy. Unfortunately Ross won't be able to join us for these things as he'll have to work probably until eight. But maybe if we do something into the evening hours he can meet up with us then. Either way all four of us will be able to grab brunch together before he has to work Sunday and before Grandma and Mom head back to Houston.

Grandmas and Moms are definitely the theme for the weekend as we'll be challenging his Mom and Gramma to spades Sunday night. We beat them last week and are looking to repeat.

How do I live with all this excitement in my life you say? Oh it is tough trust me.

Oh and one more item of extreme excitement, Ross and I are planning a trip to the Bahamas! So if you have any suggestions for hotels, activities, restaurants, shows, beaches or really just anything, I shall be accepting them for the next many months (said vacation is planned for September, post our move and post summer when families fill the Caribbean).

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