Jan 5, 2008

A life so rich

Well still no photos as I have not been able to be in the same place as Rick or Shannon yet. One day though! One day!

But very many wonderful things are happening and you my poor blog reader, know none of it. Thus I shall inform you.

On Wednesday Ross began a new job at Mattress Firm where he is training for a management position. He's been assigned to their store at MoPac and Braker which is all of 15 minutes from my apartment. The hours are a little crummy but the experience and salary are both excellent. He's excited, I'm excited. There is lots of excitement!

The location of his job is also exciting because we're planning on moving in together in June (or end of May, sometime in that time frame) and his store is near where we want to move. We are definitely staying north of downtown but probably not quite as far north as I am currently. Maybe to the MoPac and Far West area. Apartment suggestions? We'll take them! I think we want a lot for what we are willing to pay, but if anyone knows of a two bedroom with a garden bath tub, washer/dryer connections, and a large kitchen in a gated community for under $900 please, pull us into the loop.

With the move and the new job also means we're getting a new bed and if I have anything to say about it, a bedroom set. This of course means I play on Crate n Barrel dot come on occasion to see what pretty things I can get. I am quite in love with my turquoise curtains so would like to match them. Currently, I am in love with this comforter set, as if you care but at least it will add a pretty picture to this entry.

Also, I think we're getting dogs when we move. Probably. Their names shall be Sully and Molly. Molly will be mine. A little Molly dog! Just for me!

What else? Oh well on Thursday Ross and I are going to see the man, Mr. George Strait at the Frank Erwin Center. We just found out yesterday that we're going and it is because the Girl Scouts is a wonderful place to work. Our bank, Wells Fargo, invited someone from our office to be their guest at the concert, in their suite. My CEO had another obligation and since I looked like the most excited staffer, she said I could go in her stead. Then the lady from the bank, my new bestest friend, Anna, said it was 2 tickets, 1 for me and 1 for a guest. And my glorious CEO said I should feel free to bring Ross instead of finding a co-worker to go with me. SOOOO Ross and I are going to see George for free in a suite with food and drinks included.

Haila comes back to work in just one week and I cannot wait. I am more than happy to give her work back to her, such as the December monthly report which I am saving especially for her.

AJ and Joe have begun to plan their shin-dig of a wedding. I believe the colors are green brown and pink, mostly green with a few pink and brown accents. Val is a bridesmaid with me! And according to the conversation I had with her yesterday, I believe we will be wearing green. Oh bring on the swatches! I can't wait to look!

Ross and I made out like bandits over the holidays. He got me a beautiful earring and bracelet set from James Avery. Here you can have a peek. The bracelet is perfect as I can wear it and still type all day at work without it bothering me. Not something you always think about when buying pretty things but very important in the scope of everyday wear. I gave him a fancy-schmancy electric shaver which makes him baby butt smooth and makes me very happy. We got our first gifts as a couple, BBQ sauce from my parents and a board game from his sister. A very good holiday if I do say so myself.

OK to thawing the chicken, munching on rice cakes and watching football until Ross gets home!


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Kristen said...

thanks for the update! i love knowing what you're up to. i can't wait to meet your molly dog. what color will she be and do you think you will be able to teach her 5 tricks?