Aug 2, 2008

I've got some sweet new wheels

I still don't have my baby but the dealership gave me a loaner car. It's a Hyundai Santa Fe. Pretty fun little SUV. And it came with a full tank of gas. Rock on.

We've had an eventful weekend. Thursday night we saw most of Beauty & the Beast which was done by Zilker Theatre. A live outdoor musical for free. Fantastic! Then we played Monopoly with the Krszjznieks (I think that is how you spell their last name). Ross won. Ryan and I went down in shame. Susannah held her own. Last night we did karaoke with those crazy Ks. Ross sang "Suspicious Minds" beautifully. I'll admit, today, we mostly slept. I'm talking we woke up at 10, had breakfast and went back to sleep at 11:30. Did not move again til 2:30p. But it means we're all rested up for tonight - party barge on Lake Travis! Woohoo!!! Time to get into my bikini!

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