Aug 15, 2009

Cross Your Fingers

We got up this morning and went househunting. We liked the first one, were very disappointed in the second, giggled at the third a little and fell in LOVE with the fourth. We've put in an offer and should know by lunch tomorrow if the seller is going to take it. I expect they will since we are offering asking price - in our minds, a very fair price.

As you can see from the picture, its no mansion. It is, however, a new home (built in 2004) that needs no work prior to move in and is still under the builders warranty. It was fully refloored this year with wood laminate in the living room, carpet in the bedrooms and tile in the kitchen. The kitchen is BIG and allows for plenty of work space. The master suite comes with a garden tub and is big enough that we can actually get a bedroom set. The spare bedrooms and bathroom are all spacious and even painted nice colors. We're excited!

Since we don't need to do any upgrades to move in, we're already dreaming of things like expanding the stone patio in the backyard, adding in pretty light fixtures, purchasing an energy efficient refrigerator. Maybe I'll plant a tree in the front yard. We can own a home, not be broke AND add some swell little extras to it. Woohoo!
Cross your fingers; we should know tomorrow if we got the house or not.

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