Aug 11, 2009

Househunting Day 1

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This photo has nothing to do with the blog entry. But its a fun photo that I haven't shared yet. So now its shared.

Summary of househunting day 1

House 1: Very awkward because homeowners were there and teenage boys asleep in one of the bedrooms. Not in awful shape but just really not for us either.

House 2: Super funky fun floor plan and beautiful. Great landscaping. Real hardwood floors and a stone fireplace. Unfortunately its the top of our price range AND the living room is small. Not optimal for big comfy couches.

House 3: The pits. They are dreaming if they think they'll get their asking price. I took one look in the bedrooms and told Ross no way in hell. He had the same feeling after poking around the backyard.

House 4: Cookie cutter home but had nice size rooms and a great master bathroom. Unfortunately its a short sale which is complicated and not ideal for people who actually need to move in by a certain date. So we'll pass.

We're going to go again next week and hopefully now that we know a little better what we want, we'll find something good.


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