Aug 10, 2009

I got nothin'

Amanda Renaud!
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I tried and tried to think of a witty blog title, but alas, I got nothin'.

I stole this photo from the Shutterfly album my college friends created for Boo and Joe's wedding. I have a few photos from the bachelorette party and wedding set up but my camera has died and I need to upload from the memory card. A lunch break activity sometime this week. But even if I am a schmuck and don't have many photos from my friend's wedding, I can still share this lovely one with you.

This weekend was Ross' bachelor party/Mom's birthday. Ross and the boys went to Port Aransas and from all accounts had an outstanding time. There are definitely parts he doesn't remember but I take that as a sign of a good, solid, successful bachelor party. I went to Houston to celebrate Mom's birthday and we ate lots of delicious food and drank some yummy wine. I hope she had a good birthday; I think she's a special lady and should only have good birthdays.

Tonight Ross is at the firehouse tonight doing a half shift. Lexi and I are just chillin'. It's nearly our bedtime so soon we'll be cuddled up asleep.

But tomorrow we are scheduled to go househunting. I'm still waiting to confirm an exact time and meeting location with our realtor but if all goes well, we should be househunting tomorrow evening. Wish us luck! Cross all your fingers and toes!

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