Feb 7, 2010

El Rincon, Greenbelts & Superbowl

On Tuesday night we got wild and crazy and tried out a new restaurant: El Rincon in Pflugerville. If I said it was something to write home about, I'd be lying. But that's not to say it was bad. It was your typical small-town-Texas Mexican restaurant. Well typical except for the fact that the tortillas were deliciously and obviously homemade. They were so thick and warm! The salsa was also noteably tasty, just enough kick but not so much that you immediately doused your mouth in milk. What I liked best about this place though was not the food or the frozen margarita I indulged in, but its local homey feel. They embraced the local flavor and had a cozy unpretentious feel to the whole place.

And on to the greenbelt section... Lexi loves to play there! Not much else to say really but that was one of the highlights of our weekend.

And shortly we're heading out to start another highlight: the Superbowl. Neither of us is much concerned with who wins but we're looking forward to seeing friends. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the newest friend: Blake, the itty bitty baby of friends Nick & Kristy.

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