Mar 14, 2010

Wild Hair = Patio

patio 002
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About a week or so ago, maybe a smidge more, I got a wild hair. Super wild. I decided we needed a now. I think what happened was 70+ degree weather. I came home from work that day, it was lovely out but I had no place to sit outside and drink the beverage of my choice. Something was clearly wrong with this picture. So I told Ross I wanted a patio...again, like now-ish. And then I specifically requested one by March 20 when Mom and Brenda come for their visit. I couldn't have them come to visit and have no place to enjoy refreshing glasses of wine!

Ross, foolish but loving husband he is, agreed to this wild plan. That friends is how we (well, Ross) began digging a 9x10 foot hole in our backyard last week. We priced things at Home Depot a couple times and the digging continued. He worked his tail off while I was off Girl Scouting. Then since Thursday was a long (but wonderful) Girl Scout day, I took most of Friday off to join in the patio building festivities. I kid you not, I think I went to Home Depot about six times that day. Maybe seven. Between our local Home Depot not renting landscaping equipment and my car not being strong enough to carry all the supplies at once, there were many many trips to multiple Home Depots. We even repriced things after deciding the initial price wasn't as nice as we hoped. We worked late into the night as you can see from the night-time photography. By the end of Friday night we had all but seven pavers laid. At this point we realized we would be two pavers short and instead of killing ourselves to still not quite finish it, we called it quits. We (again, Ross) finished it today and now we have a patio! Woohoo!

I love my new patio. It has the slightest slope for good drainage. It also has a fun red diamond pattern in the middle. And it is going to be perfect for the new patio furniture my mother-in-law is gifting us with for our birthdays. And most importantly, you can sit on the patio with your beverage of choice and watch Lexi leap across the backyard. Bliss on paver stones y'all.

I'll share finished product photos tomorrow. I want to take them in daylight and unfortunately I missed that window of opportunity for today. Stay tuned!


Anna said...
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Anna said...

I want to sit and enjoy a beverage of choice on this fantastic patio of yours! Do you think we can remove some of the states between TX and DC to make that an easier trip?