Mar 3, 2010

My communications revelations

I've told you about my potential Twitter break up. Well like any good girl, instead of breaking  up with my boyfriend of my own accord, I talked to my girlfriends. After chatting with other Girl Scout communications people, I've drawn some conclusions. And here they are:
  • Twitter isn't a member communication tool; it's a tool for reaching the general public. I know a good Twitter user might say "duh" and I kinda am too. But when we first started, we had adult members in mind. I'm now shifting it to be more of a news source and putting my media relations hat back on. Who cares and why? Check it out at
  • The blog is not a general public tool; it's a member communication tool. I started having this suspicion nearly a month ago when I was very disappointed in our blog traffic. Since then I started moving away from "all parents of girls and the media" as my audience to "local Girl Scout parents." And ya know what? It's working a lot better. At this moment compared to a month ago, blog traffic (to is up more than 100%!
  • Facebook is a conversation platform. I knew this and we've been using it this way. I think I can increase its use as a conversation piece though. This is my new Facebook goal. (http://www.facebook/GSCTXcouncil)
  • Flickr and YouTube are still my photo and video libraries respectively. I'm good with that being their resources.
  • When its time to do new annual goals, I want to adjust my goals not to read things like "have 800 Twitter followers" but to read things like "develop buzz about registration" or "educate Twitterverse about Women of Distinction"
  • Cindy and I are re-evaluating Possibilities, our 100 page program guide, and how to save bucks. Potentially dramatic change but I'm into change.
K, now to do the dishes because my wonderful hubby cooked.

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