Mar 29, 2010

I'll Knock on Wood First

I should probably knock on wood a dozen or so times before writing this brazen post. (Knock, knock, knock, etc.)

Life is going (knock on wood!) SWELL.

Today Ross received a phone call from the fire department and was able to pick up a couple more shifts. Doing relief work, we never quite know his schedule or, to be frank, income for that matter. That's why a call for two shifts is awesome. Those days are good days. He also found out that he passed his driver/pump operator state test with flying colors. Yes! Nearly three months of online class has culminated in a new state certification, more work opportunities, more career advancement and just generally, a feel good moment.

And another thing that happened today...forgive me, I'm going to toot my own horn here because I am tickled pink over it. A very sweet, smart and really, just lovely, nonprofit called to get my expert opinion on social media today. They keep tabs on the GSCTX social media efforts and just think I'm the cat's pajamas...yes, perhaps this influenced the above adjectives I used to describe them. In a field that is always fly by the seat of your pants, to have another organization say they love you work and would love for you to work for them, is quite flattering. (Don't worry; I turned them down. I got a good thing with zero commute to the Girl Scout office and 10 months of summer every year in Austin.) I'm walking on air at the moment and vowing not to follow through on my irrational Twitter break up thoughts from earlier this spring.

So I have to say, things are going well. We're both totally satisfied in our careers and things are looking up. We've had a handful of...let's say "creative" patches in the past few years together, though God and I know they could have all been worse, so I'm really relishing this super sunny spot.

Oh and Lexi has every child in the neighborhood smitten with her. Yes, she's doing quite well too.

I better get back to knocking on wood.

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