Jun 8, 2010


Since March, maybe even February, I've been trying to get Ross to commit to a spring or summer vacation. Next spring I'm claiming selection of our destination (Charleston, Ben-Anna's wedding) so this is his spring/summer to choose. You would think he'd relish in this decision, right? He could say "babe we're going to Idaho!" and since I've relinquished all control over the summer 2010 destination, I'd be packing a bag to Boise.

Honeymoon 024Y'all, seriously, we've considered like 8 million destinations! Tennessee, Port Aransas, Denver, Cozumel, West Texas, Vegas, Sedona. What do they all have in common? Um...the western hemisphere? I can't even get the man to settle on a theme.

I kid you not, less time was spent picking out my engagement ring, his wedding ring, the puppy and the house...COMBINED.

So about two weeks ago when we were driving and suddenly settled on Cozumel (he wants to see the Mayan ruins), I was thrilled. Holy cow, thrilled.

And then I made my first mistake: I started thinking. I started thinking does he realize he doesn't get a vote in the 2011 destination? I had originally suggested Cozumel so is it going to come back that he thought I picked this one? On Sunday I asked him this. And I got "What? No! I was just agreeing with you because Cozumel sounded OK."

We went back to the traveling drawing board with, are you ready, Ross inquiring about if we can afford CHINA.

No. We cannot afford China.

To satisfy his curiosity though, I Orbitz.com searched flights and hotels in Beijing. I won't shock you with the result. I was also implored to do the same thing for Cape Town, South Africa. When the man requested Russia, I closed the laptop.

I've probably told you before that my husband is a super boring traveler. I mean West Texas? Port Aransas? Both lovely but both things we've done and done well.

However, after the recent Beijing and Cape Town requests, I take it back. I'll eat crow. My husband is not a boring traveler; he is an EXPENSIVE traveler.

We've still not settled on a vacation for next month but I think Cozumel is back at the top of the list. I've requested western hemisphere (mostly to avoid losing days traveling since this is only a 4-5 day trip) and within a specific, and agreed upon, budget.

So if you know Ross, please, start calling him and endorsing the white beaches and ancient ruins of Cozumel, anything to help my hubby overcome his vacation-commitment-phobia (and help me get on a plane that's heading off to vacation-land).

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