May 25, 2012

EuroBlooper #1

As to not taint the lovely city posts, I'll do separate posts for our two bloopers. The first comes on Monday morning as we prep to leave Rome and head to Florence.

Per the usual, I'm in front of the mirror, straightening my hair. I complain to Ross that the flat iron isn't getting as hot as I would like and it is taking forever. He tells me to change the setting on the converter.  I say no, it's on the lower setting which the converter says is right for curling irons (and honestly, a flat iron is the same thing, different shape).

Not five minutes later the converter box makes a popping noise and begins to emit black smoke.

Dead as a doornail.

I spent considerable time in Florence trying to get a new one but failing. Thankfully we were able to borrow from our hotels a couple times and keep necessary electronics (ie iPad and camera) charged though straight hair quickly became a thing of my EuroTrip past.

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