May 28, 2012

EuroBlooper #2

Having packed light, 8 days of clothes for a 13 day trip, we had to do laundry as soon as we got into Innsbruck, Austria.

At the laundromat ("Bubble Point" was the name), we had the load in the dryer and decided to go for a walk, maybe get a drink while it dried. I asked Ross what we should do with the suitcase we rolled the laundry over in and he said he'd put it up on the high shelf above the dryer. So he lifts it up, over his head, onto the shelf and lets go.

And it falls.

Ross' reaction: a wide-eyed "Holy shit! That just happened!"

It fell behind double stacked industrial dryers because in fact, that was not a shelf, just a faux-wall thingy that looked like it was possibly a shelf. We quickly realized that the dryers were immobile, connected to the duct work on the ceiling.

Off hubby ran, into town to replace our suitcase.

Fortunately there was nothing of real value in the suitcase (just the camera charger) and he was able to find us something new before the buzzer on the dryer even went off.

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