May 6, 2012

May: A Busy Month

Six days into the month and not a single post! That's not like me.

Well suffice it to say, May is a busy month. I think this blog post by my CMO gives you the best insight into why it's busy from a professional stance. So, there's that.

And I've had the great fortune of spending time with Mama Brit and Baby K. In fact, I'm heading over to their house in just a couple hours for more baby holding and kissing.

Also, our BFF Ryan is relocating to DFW. Friday we threw him what I can confidently say was the best going away party ever. We reserved a private karaoke room at Common Interest and sang (pretty terribly) all night long. It was fantastic. Videos to come!

Of course, I can't forget the really big thing this month: EuroTrip! We can now count down the days using just one hand! I can stop looking at monthly averages for the weather and start looking at the actual forecast (highs of 79 and 76 respectively for our 2 days in Rome).

I started packing yesterday (ie there's 3 dresses and 3 tops laid out) and we're working on knocking out some last minute things like getting Euros and making sure Lexi has tags with my in-laws' contact information on them.

On that note, I need to fold laundry and other vacation prep things. But I'll leave you with this: a Tuscan vineyard, hopefully much like the one I'll be spending an afternoon at NEXT WEEK.

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