Jul 9, 2012

Project Plates

I should start by saying the plates I have now are fantastic - good looking and nice Pottery Barn quality. They were a hand-me-down from KBR when I was in college and have survived 2 years in the BU ghetto, a cross-country move, 2 Texas apartments, a new house and a wedding. They are really good plates.

However with our new house, I decided it would be time for new plates. Because 1) green plates + red kitchen = perpetual Christmas and 2) plate fatalities mean I no longer have a full set.

Enter Project Plates.

In my Pinteresting-like-a-madwoman I also looked at plates. Last week or so I fell in love with a collection of Noritake plates and after conversing with the husband, decided on the chocolate brown ones (the plainer of the chocolate brown options; believe it or not, hubby did not want over the top flowery things).

But holy cow were they expensive! At full price they were $80 per place setting! And I wanted 12 place settings! They were on sale at Macy's for nearly 50% off so I figured I'd just buy them now but always the bargain hunter I poked around to see if they were priced better elsewhere. And they were.

On Overstock.com my chocolate brown plates were priced at $122 per 4 place setting package. I prayed to the shopping/sales gods that the price would hold and the next day at lunch took an adventure to see them in person. They checked out and back at the office I placed my order.

001My new plates arrived today. I've opened one box to ensure that they are in the appropriate number of whole pieces. They are and they are packaged so well I'm not even going to open that second box.

For now I have place settings for 8 as 8 coffee mugs is more than enough for this non-coffee drinking house. I'll get another 4-5 settings as individual pieces later on.

But before I purchase my other place settings and serveware, I need your help. This casual china line is positioned as a mix-and-match line. I love the idea of (strategic) mix-and-match but I know I'm no good at it. (Seriously I never even mixed black and camel in my wardrobe until one ballsy day last month.)

Here is my Pinterest board of dinnerware. What pieces do I get to go with my existing 8 place settings?

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