Jul 20, 2012

Q: Study Decor

Another day, another home decor predicament. (First world problems, I know.)

The first room anyone will see at our new house will be my study; it's right off the foyer and has glass french doors. First impressions and all, I want to hit a home decor grandslam on a barely-swung-for-a-single budget.

There are a few pieces I'm working with. First, my white Ikea desk. It looks something like this

Source: google.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

Then I have a wood-framed travel map with pins for everywhere we've been. Like this

 Source: google.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

I'd like to have both in my study but they don't really go together. I've been trying to brainstorm decor options that might make it work, challenge in and of itself, but last night I discovered Ross has an opinion about what my study looks like because 1) he wants me to have a nice study and 2) everyone will see it. Talk about challenging! Please me, the hubby and use what we currently have.

Here are some of what I've been pinning that I like (not that that means Ross likes them but personally since its my office, I think my opinion is the most important here, but I digress)

Source: google.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

Source: hgtv.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

So white desk, wood-framed map, wood floors, french doors, a window to the front yard and a little bit of budget. That's what we've got.

Any ideas for how to decorate this sucker? Put the map elsewhere (and if so where?) and do something totally different? Ditch the desk? Wall paint color? Area rug? Bookshelves? Curtains?

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Anonymous said...

While I have no decorating advice, I just wanted to let you know that I will be stealing the framed map with pins noting travel experiences ideas. Thank you for being brilliant. Love, Brittney