Jul 2, 2012

The Busy Trap

This New York Times article, "The Busy Trap," was posted by a couple Deltas to Facebook this weekend, with the best commentary being "I need to read this every morning and every night. And you probably should too."

While I don't think I can do like the writer and only work 4-5 hours per day (at least not any time soon) I can do other things. Specifically I think I should start doing more
  • Pedicures with girlfriends (just made plans for 1 of these tonight)
  • Coffee/happy hour girl dates
  • Lunches out of the office
  • Lexi walks (have promised her 1 before work today)
  • Date nights with husband
  • Laziness with husband
  • Game nights
  • Visits with family
  • Vacations (duh)
  • Nothing
And I should do less
And though the annual frequency is about right, I should keep a renewed commitment to Delta Trips. Vegas 2013 right girls?

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