Feb 15, 2014

Slacker Blogger

I've been scolded recently for being a slacker blogger. We need written documentation damn it!

In the past week since my last post, we've been crazy busy. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in client meetings downtown (unusual since normally I have meetings 1-2 days per week). Our friends have had all kinds of crazy things going on; some that we've been helping with, others that we've just been a set of ears for.

Cade has been a bit on the moody side with a few nights of bad sleep and generally just up and down on happy v not happy. On a more fun note, he is really into clapping lately, including while we sing "If you're happy and you know it" which i really really cute. He has also consistently been using us as human jungle gyms which speaks to the high energy levels of an 11 month old...which yes, he turned 11 months old!

Unfortunately I cannot find his baby birthday/month tie stickers anywhere. So I guess 11 months and maybe his first birthday will have to pass without sticker pictures. Plenty of pictures, just none with sticker ties.

So that probably sums it up pretty well. The crazy busy life of a family with a small child, one parent who works 24 hour shifts and another who is self-employed. Operative word being crazy. ;)

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