Feb 7, 2014


WBC has a new meaning - Walking Baby Cade!

This afternoon while Cade and I were home on an "ice day" we had our neighbors Jenny and Holden over for a playdate. Gotta keep these crazy babies entertained while it is too cold to go anywhere.

And during this playdate, Cade took two steps!

He just stood up and took two steps toward me! What a champ!

There have been no step sightings since then. But ya know, those two probably wore him out. Rumor has it there will be more steps in his future.

Ross actually claims to have seen Cade's first steps a couple weeks ago but I declared it a farce. Either way, now that we have both seen baby steps, we can confidently call him the Walking Baby Cade.

Pre-walking practice by climbing his hippo chair.

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