Feb 2, 2014

We went, we looked, we're enrolling

On Friday morning, Ross, Cade and I visited Sunrise Montessori School. We met with the director, Lauren, and toured the facility. We learned about the kids' schedule, curriculum, eating/napping arrangements, parent-teacher communication and more.

Their class for teeny tiny guys, known as Sweet Peas, starts at 12 months old and walking. There is a 5:1 kid:teacher ratio for that classroom and the kids range from 12-20ish months. Every day they send home a daily report (eating, diapers, naps, etc) and every week there is a curriculum report. Mornings are work time with curriculum, then lunch, then nap and then free play time. There is outside play time in the morning and afternoon.

We asked a bunch of questions, checked everything out and when we piled into the car to go home, chatted about it more. After our in person visit and extensive online stalking, we've decided it is a go!

I'm filling out the admission form and will send it in this week. Cade will start Montessori school in August!

We've been really happy and lucky to have Erin watch him since I went back to work this summer. And I am very happy she will be watching him until he starts school. I think new school year will be the perfect time for him (and us) to take the leap.

Now - should he have a hungry caterpillar lunch box or Curious George? Oh the decisions!

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