Jan 3, 2015

Two Toddler Morning

A first time for everything they say. Today was my first time for chasing two toddlers all on my own.

At my request, Erin dropped Rowan off with us at Safari Champ this morning for a few hours of fun while she and Jon get the house ready for baby Carys. 

It took Rowan a few minutes to warm up to the idea of mommy leaving. Literally like 3 minutes. And then these kids were off to the races...and slides and tunnels!



After Safari Champ we headed toward Rowan's house and had a picnic lunch at the park. This was admittedly the most challenging part of our morning. I should have done more park research because we ended up at one that was not fenced in and where the picnic table was just a little further from the playscape than I would have liked. It made chasing both kids and keeping an eye on our stuff more challenging than I would have liked. The playscape was wet and even though I wiped down the slides, Cade did manage to slip on a step (he's fine but it scared us both). And the kids were only mildly interested in their food which required quick course correction (you don't want a chicken nugget, here let me open this yogurt, oh you don't want that either...ummm...).

Thankfully I had sidewalk chalk which saved this part of our adventure.

Finally, here's my favorite picture from our morning adventure. The kid-cuteness is too much!!

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Anonymous said...

General cuteness all around! Sounds like a fun, albeit exhausting, morning. Cade and Rowen are adorable together!!