Jan 24, 2015

The Best Saturday Morning Ever

Whew - it's been busy over here! I am behind on the blogging front big time. Let me start to catch you up.

Last weekend we had The Best Saturday Morning Ever on a family trip to the Thinkery and then lunch at Fuddrucker's.

The Thinkery (ie Children's Museum) has a special Saturday program called "Baby Bloomers" where it opens the second story of the museum up an hour early for kiddos under three and provides some special little kid programming. We took advantage of the smaller crowd (both in volume and stature) and got there right as Baby Bloomers opened.

We tried the formal programming but Cade was not too impressed. He LOVED the water tables and instruments though. He and Ross played there for probably 20 minutes. He also really liked the tumble area with mats and bouncy balls. When the downstairs opened up we spent about 30 minutes there painting and playing in the light room. IT WAS SO FUN!!


While at the Thinkery Ross got a hankering for a Fuddrucker's so afterward we went here for an early lunch. Since it was impromptu I didn't have a lunch for Cade...which meant he got his very own lunch off the kids's menu. He was such a little kid (not a baby) playing with the arcade games and then eating his grilled cheese and apple slices. It was adorable and kinda heartbreaking at the same time. Talk about sneaking up on me!

We all had so much fun, it was all together and really, it was totally the perfect family weekend morning. YAY!!

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