May 16, 2015

Poor Baby

UntitledOk, preschool, you were right. Our little boy is sick. I think it is just a good old fashioned cold. One that likes to take center stage after midnight each night. Ross did a 11:30p-2a shift on Thursday and I did a 12:30-3a shift last night. Blessedly, right now little boy Black is 2+ hours into an afternoon nap. Goodness knows he and I both need it.

I'm sure the cutest boy in Texas will be back to his usual train-loving, playground-running, chatterboxing way soon. Hopefully by tomorrow as our family has a busy Monday that really needs a healthy boy to be successful.

In other news though, we're working on a gameroom makeover! I would say we're "redecorating" but that implies we actually decorated it in the first place.

It's a mish-mash of a couch from Nancy's house that Ross loves, a table from Amazon, a Black Friday TV deal, toy cubbies, and cheapie posters. And as you can see, I didn't bother to clean up for the "before" photos below. It'll make the big makeover that much more dramatic. Kinda like how people never smile in the "before" photo but have a mega-watt grin for the "after" photo.

The Pinterest board is growing and the first round of decor has been purchased from Full makeover to occur in July when Cade spends 2 nights with Nana (because you know, toddlers and wet paint do NOT mix). Stay tuned!

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