May 3, 2015

Summer of Fun

I am deeming this the Summer of Fun. Why you ask? Because it's only May 3 and it already looks like a ton of freakin' awesomesauce summer!

Just this weekend, several summer plans came together. Check out what our next few months looks like
  • May 10: Mother's Day
  • May 16-17: Ross' boys camping trip
  • May 24: My parents visit
  • June 5-8: Nashville with Deltas; Cade & Meg slumber party
  • June 13: Toddler swim lessons begin
  • June 21: Father's Day
  • June 27-July 5: no pre-school!*
  • July-28-31: Family beach vacation, staying at this awesome condo!
  • August 1: Neighbor's birthday party with epic water slides they are already talking about
  • August 29: Grandma's 90th birthday!
To get the party started, I took Cade to my company picnic today at Dell Diamond. His first baseball game! You tell me if you think he had fun...

He really loved clapping

A gal from my online Mom's group has a summer bucket list for her and her toddler. It's impressive. I think I'm going to steal the idea from her and work on a little bucket list for Cade and me too. Probably not as incredible as hers but at least something to make sure we check out pools and splashpads while the weather is right for it. And of course, storytimes and inside fun when the weather is too hot even for pools and splashpads.

So as you can see, between our calendar of fun and some bucket list fun, it's looking to be a Summer of Fun for sure. Yippee! I can't wait! New hashtag for sure #SummerofFun

*In fairness the no pre-school week will probably be fun and a little stressful as we will both still be working. But it's a short week with the holiday for me and I will probably take an additional half day off for some fun time. And we'll call in the babysitting team to help so I'm sure the end result will be a week that fits right into the Summer of Fun.

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