Feb 29, 2008

Sneak Peek: La Casa Nueva

New Kitchen
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We did it! We signed our lease for our new apartment!

Ross had the forethought to take the camera when we went to sign the papers so we could get some pics of the new crib. I am in LOVE with my new kitchen (see the pic, ain't it pretty). It has an island and a built in computer desk. First, who doesn't love a kitchen island. Second, now we don't need to buy Ross a computer desk. Sweet. Our kitchen will look a tad different. Remove the red knick-knacks and add some vineyard/white wine inspired decor. Also add maria the margarita machine next to the stove, her rightful location. Oh and the part the apartment people told us, maple cabinet instead of white.

Other awesome aspects to our new abode. We're on the first floor. We have a HUGE walk in master closet. HUGE I tell you. In fact, if we start getting really poor, I'll be taking in a boarder in it. There's a built-in vanity in both the master and the guest bathrooms. Garden tubs in both bathrooms for the resident bubble bath lover (Ross). The dining room is big enough for my table. What else? Washer and dryer connections for his washer and dryer.

In all the excitement I went to make a few new home purchases today. I know 'nesting' is a termed used for the preggars but I feel like I am nesting. I love having a soon-to-be-home with Ross. We have pretty teal towels for our chocolate brown, champagne and teal master suite. Teal sheets too (his idea, very surprising). Am I excited? YES!

Come visit us! But not til about May 15 or so, give us at least a week to move and unpack. And you can even slumber party at our place! We won't have a guest bed but we will have a super comfy guest couch in the spare room and you'll have your own bathroom (with vanity!). Be warned though, you'll also have a roommate - the Duke, Ross's cardboard life size John Wayne cut out.

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Anonymous said...

It looks great! You have a wonderful place to move into together. Nest away - decorating can be lots of fun.