Feb 12, 2008

Our Zoo-tastic Trip

We went to San Antonio yesterday and spent a few hours at the good old San Antonio zoo. Such a wild Valentine's!

Couple things that were especially memorable. Ross and I got to pet, feed and play with goats. He also managed to get attacked. The goats knew how the food came out of the little machines and would try to get to it before you. Silly goats.

We also kept the mold-a-ramas in business. Mold-a-ramas, in case you aren't schooled in them already, are machines that make you a zoo figurine while you watch! Mmmmm yes the scent of melted plastic being molded into an elephant, now if that doesn't say "zoo" to you I don't know what will. Ross and his sister, Megan, once got a trillion of these things at the zoo and so he demanded we get every one there. $14 later we have 7 mold-a-ramas. I believe we are putting them on our mantle.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

i need a picture of a mold-a-rama. i have no idea what you are talking about.

i love you. i love your blog. i love the way you write. it makes me laugh.
i love knowing that coming over to see what's been shaking in your world after a time of absence, always leads to a smile.

i love knowing that when we do see each other next, it's going to be great. i love knowing that you and ross are just dying to come out to lakeway and watch movies at our house while don and i catch up on dining out like you two are always so busy doing!