Feb 2, 2008

A Reminder: Because it Makes Me Happy

I feel like dancin
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Val's coming in April! APRIL I tell you. And I like to remind people of it because it makes me oh so very happy.

Other things that make me happy right now:
1. Shoe shopping at DSW because yesterday was pay day
2. Pay Day
3. Having lunch with the hottest of my boyfriends
4. Knowing I get to buy a new sheets/comforter set in May when we get our brand new big king size bed
5. Our Valentine's trip to San Antonio in 9 days
6. Peanut Butter Sandwich Girl Scout cookies - I rediscovered them yesterday and folks, they are are GOOD
7. Steak for dinner (per Ross's request)
8. Having a million vacation days at work for things like romantic getaways to San Antonio
9. Ross telling me I am one of his best friends. I know the person you love should be your best friend but it is very nice to hear, especially for the first time.
10. Spending my birthday with many of my favorite people (even if that is nearly 3 months away, the excitement of it is just overwhelmingly wonderful, especially keeping in mind that of my very favorite people in the world, only Ross lives in Austin. The others, such as Valerie, live in DC, some in Boston, a stray in Corpus Christi, one up in Dallas...)

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