Feb 10, 2008

Showering the Nikki

Nikki's wedding is about a month away (March 15) and today was the first pre-wedding festivity: her shower. She looked adorable! I hadn't see Mama Canga in years and it was so nice to see her. Her parents, who were relocated to England for almost a year, are back in Houston now and in full parents-of-the-bride mode. Good for them!

There's something about watching a friend open toasters and sheet sets that warms the heart. It's really watching a home be built and its wonderfully warm and fuzzy. I know Nikki, a true blue conservative traditional girl at heart, will make an excellent wife, homemaker and one day mother. I mean heck, her plates match her napkins which match her placemats! I hope Stephen knows how good he has it!!

Ross is home (well in Austin) now and tomorrow we are escaping to San Antonio together. We were spoiled with Friday night and yesterday together but I am still very excited for our romantic get-away. In fact, I wish romantic get-aways on everyone and their honey. So take that all of you! Enjoy some lovin' on me!

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