Aug 17, 2008

On Top of the World, Lookin' Down on Creation

Rock Placement 2
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We had an awesome trip out to West Texas. We went mountain hiking, ate yummy food, watched the sunset, hung out poolside, cuddled in our pueblo of a room and just relaxed. We did an eight mile hike and could barely walk for the rest of that day.

One of my bosses (when you are low on the totem pole you have several) told me earlier this summer that people don't fully relax until day 8 or so of their vacation. I thought she was full of bologna. But I have to say, I didn't feel totally relaxed til yesterday. And tomorrow it's back to my Girl Scout cubicle. Which is just to say - note to self, take longer vacations.

Ross begins at the fire academy tomorrow. Woohoo! The road to firefighting is back and kicking! T minus 4 months.

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