Aug 24, 2008

What's Up Doc

So here's what's up

Ross finished his first week of fire academy and he really likes it. He especially like the mechanical aspects. Yay!

Mom, Brittany, maybe Melissa and me are going wedding dress shopping on Saturday. Woohoo!! I can't wait!

Tomorrow we have a statewide Girl Scout communications retreat at camp. Yup, an overnighter at camp with grown up Girl Scouts.

AJ is having to change her wedding date. They found a place and the only day not available was the one they wanted (of course). So they are looking to change.

It's time to start on the fall wedding goals: find a minister, take engagement pictures and create/mail our save-the-dates to out of town guests. Nancy has a suggestion for a minister so I am going to try to go to a few services this fall to see what I think of him before we chat about him officiating the wedding. Jen's taking our engagement pictures in October and then I need to make the Save-the-Dates by Thanksgiving so they can make it into our Christmas cards. We also need to make "Guest list-round 1" by Thanksgiving so we can determined who the our of town guests are. I also need to send Brittany's wedding album to print so I can see the finished product (and decide if its what I want for our album) and give it to her for Christmas. I'd like to find a dress soon too but that's more of a fall/winter goal. Done by February would be good.

Whew! I think that's it :)

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