Aug 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

In my family we think its extra super fun to have our birthdays in spurts. That said, happy birthday Uncle Doug (August 2), Mom (August 9), Dad (August 27) and Grandma (today)! Woohoo! Y'all are a year wiser!

The other birthday spurt comes in the spring when we have Aunt Linda, Grandpa Jack, Ross and me all in April. And while they may not be part of the April birthday sprint, having Wes and Win on the March side and Kevin (plus Mom and Dad's anniversary, Mother's Day, and when applicable, graduations) on the May side really makes the spring a marathon of celebrations.

Ross' family is not nearly as fun. They don't really have birthday sprints...well they didn't. Since Ryan and I joined the clan we have really crowded April. But the family, as it legally stands now, is Ross in April, Gramma in July, Nancy in September and Jack and Megan in December. However that does mean it seems like there is a birthday every month. Going with our running-like metaphor, they are the Sunday stroll of birthdays, slow and steady.

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