Oct 3, 2008


ACL. What's that you say? Only one of the worst possible events to coincide with a wedding in Austin. I'd say the only two that rival ACL are SXSW and UT graduation. Guess what weekend ACL is on for 2009? Yup, the wedding.

Masses take over the city. Loud music loving intoxicated masses. Great fun if you are loud music loving and intoxicated. Not great fun if you are a bride. Folks, I'm talking no hotel rooms, expensive flights (if you buy like now) and no parking at all in town. I looked on Google for a good image to show the crowds but I just can't find anything that does it justice. Suffice it to say, KBR told me changing the wedding was a stroke of genius and my reception hall and photographer didn't even question it as soon as I said "ACL is the original weekend but..." They are Austinites; they get it. During ACL you do one of two things: attend and party all weekend or stay as far away as possible.

All that said, our nuptials are now taking place on October 11, sans ACL.

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