Oct 26, 2008

The Witch Pumpkin

The Witch Pumpkin
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What happens when the only pumpkin carving tool set at HEB is Disney Princess? Ross and Cheryl carve an awesome witch pumpkin (yes, using a pre-printed template but so what. They just drew the picture. We were the ones who carved this bad boy).

I wish we had trick-or-treaters to show this off to. Maybe we'll have to find someone with a house and become squatters on Halloween. I mean someone needs to see our handy work!

Btw, I haven't figured out how to take photos in the dark of something that is illuminated. I had the same problem in Sydney when I wanted to take night pictures of the Opera House. I know a witch pumpkin and the Sydney Opera House are worlds apart (or at least hemispheres) but its the same concept giving me trouble. Advice is much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

VERY cool pumpkin! Not bad for a couple of rookies. I'm sure you got that creative talent from me considering all the crafty projects I excelled at during your childhood (OK - maybe you didn't get that talent from me...).

Nice job!