Oct 2, 2008

Ms. Political Commentator

Ok on the assumption that you are interested, here's my commentary

The Private Sector:
Sarah Palin, we would leave it to the private sector if the private sector was living up to our needs. I agree that its ideal for the private sector to take care of the people but if they aren't doing it, which they aren't, the government needs to step in. But Biden, she made a good point about increasing taxes on households with an income of $250K or more, that's going to hurt small business owners. Tie game on this issue.

Tax Cuts for Oil:
Quit it! They've had record profits and I am over it. I think Joe was on my side here but to be honest, they lost me a little.

Bankruptcy: McCain supported a bill to make it harder for Americans to file for bankruptcy. Good. I may sound cold and mean and hard but I pay my debt, you can pay yours. Folks with luxury items should not be declaring bankruptcy. Sell a car, sell your toys. Biden says bankruptcy courts should be able to adjust interest rates and principals on mortgages. Interest rates but not principals. I think this one goes to Palin.

East Coast Politicians:
Watch what you say Palin; there's a lot of east coasters out there and you don't want to insult them.

Climate Change:
Palin says its not all man made; there are cyclical changes at hand too. She said she doesn't want to argue about causes. I think that's a little thickheaded of her. If we can identify causes we can prevent it from happening again or worsening. However I do agree with her on drilling in Alaska so long as we keep it in check. Biden says climate change is man made and believes knowing the cause is critical for developing a solution. He also wants to create jobs through energy sources like clean coal. Solution and job creation. Point to Biden.

Same-Sex Benefits: Equal treatment for same-sex and heterosexual couples by the Dems. Palin is hesitant as it possibly threatens the definition of marriage as one man and one woman. Yet she is clear that she is tolerant on two adults deciding who their partner is. Some legal concessions could be made for same-sex though marriage will always be, in her mind, one man and one woman. Neither party will redefine marriage. Guys, neither of you are really living up to my standards. A disappointing tie game on that one.

Withdrawal from Iraq:
What Palin says about pulling out early be dangerous makes sense. But I also like the idea of making the Iraqis responsible for themselves. However, this isn't my strong subject so I'm easily lost. We'll call it a tie.

Biden v. Obama:
Palin's wiping the floor with him using quotes from the primaries. Wiping the floor I tell you!

Diplomacy: I feel like I've missed something. Why shouldn't we meet with other world leaders, even ones we adamantly disagree with? Aren't meetings like this good for promoting cooperation and collaboration? We need a few preconditions - your guys won't kill our guys mid-meeting. But I think to be taken seriously and to show that we respect their power, we need to have meetings. Be those meetings of presidents or high level officials, meetings need to happen. Point to Biden.

Israel: I think the other countries in the world need to get off Israel's back. What's the story here anyway? Is it because Isreal is the home of holy lands and everyone wants them? If so, I can see the conflict, but can't we all worship the same holy places regardless of the political lines? Just observations and thoughts. Both candidates are pro-Israel so no real commentary on that.

Nuclear Weapons:
Palin says its ok for us to have them because we use them as a determent. However countries like North Korea can't have them. I agree that Americans are smart enough not to use them because the effects would be astounding. But isn't cocky of us to say what other countries can and cannot have nuclear weapons? A double standard it seems. If there is a solid concrete reason/treaty for this, I'd like to hear about it. But the way its being presented, its presenting us as superior. I certainly don't want terrorists having nuclear weapons but since they are so dangerous, we shouldn't have them either.

Well folks, I hate to admit it but the foreign policy is losing my interest. I know I should pay closer attention but its just not where my interest is. That said, the political commentary of the night is now over. Cheerio

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