Nov 1, 2008

November 1 is an ok day by me

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This morning I got up and went to this cardio-weight class thing that kicked my butt last week. Last week I only did 35 minutes of it, today I finished it! This might be because there was a new instructor and so it was a little easier. But still; I finished it.

Then I shopped at Target where I was gloriously overwhelmed by Christmas things. I'll have you know I did not buy any Christmas things at Target despite deep wishes to do just that. I did however by a Scottish Santa ornament for Ross at the discount holiday store next door. But back to Target, I got us new throw pillows because our white ones were getting less than white. And on the suggestion of a fellow shopper got Kassie a magnetic drawing board thing for her birthday.

Post Target Dora and I went down to Haila's for Kassie's costume party. As you can see, she dressed up as a lion. And I think my gift was the biggest hit of the day. She clutched the pen thingy for nearly her whole party. And since the pen is attached to the board, it was really the whole gift. I'm very pleased, especially because the toy was for 18+ months and she's only 12 months.

Then, and this is GOOD, I got home and Ross had not only changed the oil in my car but he popped out the dent on the bumper!! My car is so much prettier now. I'm going to wash it later when I go to Brittany's and then it will be really pretty. Yay little car and yay Ross!

That's my summary so far. Oh and we did change the wedding date to the 10/25/09. I am reserving that day with the universe. No major music festivals; no other weddings; no catastrophes of any kind. And since I've had to change it six million times, I also demand a high of 82, a low of 60ish and clear sunny skies.

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