Nov 6, 2008


I hereby declare today to be a GOOD DAY.

I woke up to an email from the Young Nonprofit Professional Network inviting me to join their board of directors as a Member-At-Large. My first board! As a Member-At-Large, I have to be on two committees and they suggested the Programming Committee (I initially applied to be Programming Chair) and the Development Committee. And I was asked to be the sub-chair for the Do-Gooder games, a night of trivia and silly games where the winners get money for a charity of their choice. Yay being on the board!

When I talked to Mom today we had good conversations. First all us gals (Mom, me, Brittany, hopefully Nancy, Megan and Gramma) are going to see the Radio City Rockettes when they come to Austin next month. Yay! And little brother turned in a 27-page paper and got his grade A!

We're not done yet. Ross aced his truck driving test today. ACED it I tell you.


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