Dec 23, 2008

Ross thinks I'm nuts

And he laughs and nods as he reads that title.

I started thinking about how the wedding day is going to run. Like when are the chairs going to be moved from the ceremony site to the reception site and who is going to do it? Who will do the table settings while I am being made pretty?

So my inner OCD person said it's time to start a timeline! Which, for the record, I have been told by multiple sources is a good idea for keeping the party rolling. So create a first draft timeline I did. And he saw it and thinks I'm nuts.

"Is there a scheduled bathroom break for me?" Ha ha ha. Isn't he clever? And no there is not one scheduled but with the exception of 4:30-6:30, go for it. (That's the ceremony and photo time.)

Yes, it's a little detailed. It includes of course the big things like "Groom arrives" and "Ceremony begins" but it includes some little details like "flower pails moved inside" and "Grandmothers seated." I know these are little details and they don't need to happen at the exact scheduled time but I swear we need a general time frame. Right? It has to be important to know that the flower pails will be moved inside during formal pictures (and by people not in those pictures but on hand to help). And I know seating the Grandmothers, the Queen Mums if you will, is important. They have wheelchairs so we need to designate people to wheel them. Yes they are little things but I swear if I don't write them in schedule they won't happen smoothly (or at all) and I'll be left saying "Where is Grandma!? It's October; I know she did not get run over by a reindeer!"

So girls and in-the-know men, do me a favor. Support me in my timeline building. Help me convince Ross that I am not least not in regard to this thing. Other things...OK fine, I'll admit to being nuts.


Brittney said...

100% sane. Not nuts at all. I have a timeline for mine and Chad's wedding and he hasn't even proposed yet...

Did I just say that out loud? ;)

Brittany said...

My friend, you are completely right. Just tell Ross I said so. You may not absolutely need specific times for when the Queen Mums get seated, but if it makes you sleep better at night, do it. Trust me, everything will run smoothly. We will adhere to your timeline the best we can. It will be perfect (but make sure you tell Ross I said a timeline is a must :) )

Cheryl said...

I'll live if the timeline isn't perfectly adhered to. Just so long as things happen in the general correct order (Queen Mums seated before ceremony, not after. Bouquet toss before reception ends, not after, etc)

Thanks for the support gals!