Dec 27, 2008

You and me and the puppy makes three

Lexi and Ross
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We brought her home! This is our new puppy, Lexi.

We got her from Town Lake Animal Center. She's 8 months old (they estimate her birthday is April 16) and is a pointer mix. She weighs about 35 pounds and is super cute and friendly.

She's also a handful. We took her to Ross' parents' house today...which was probably a mistake on our part. Too much on her first day. She got carsick on the drive, started barking at Russell and then got carsick again on the way home. She's also peed on the carpet twice today. It's only been four hours!

And we think she's schizo. She barks randomly at nothing. Bizzare-o dog.

But she's cute and we're sure that once she gets used to her new home some of these things will improve. I'm really glad we're both home every day for the next 8 days to help her adjust.

Welcome to the family Lexi Black!

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