Dec 21, 2008

Modern Bride + Christmas Music = Perfect Sunday

GREAT DAY. I read Modern Bride magazine, called my mom several times to consult about ideas and listened to Christmas music. I even got a little Martha Stewart-y and made a holiday Chex Mix. (It's only "holiday" because Christmas is one of the few occasions when I will make Chex Mix in the oven as opposed to just buying a flavored bag.)

In my perusing of Modern Bride magazine I read a fun idea: to make every table different so as to avoid the mass production feel. We're not talking one is flamingo themed and another covered in Tiffany's blue. Not That different. But, for example, some use orange table cloths with white runners and others are white with orange runners. There is a part of me that loudly says "What fun!" But Mom pointed out that it might get hodge-podgey. I see how this could be a real issue. So that's my challenge, making the tables each fun and unique but keeping the whole thing connected.

I realize to the non-bride, non-event planner, non-OCD decor person this seems like a ridiculous thing to be debating. You say "dang girl, throw a white table cloth, some plates and a flower arrangement on the tables and move on!" And maybe that's exactly what I'll do when it comes down to it. But I have 10 more months until the wedding; more than enough time to evaluate, re-evaluate and re-re-evaluate the merits of matching vs. not matching but coordinated reception tables.

So what do you think? Keep the linens matching but add some personal touches to the other things (centerpieces, favors, table marker things)? Or try the mix-and-match linens in persimmon and white?

Oh the debates of a bride! Life is so hard (back of hand to forehead, head flung back in an exasperated expression).

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