Dec 20, 2008

Firefighter Ross Black

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We're done! Ross is officially a state certified firefighter! In the graduation program he was listed as "Firefighter Ross Black."

We're both so happy he's done! He's really enjoyed learning everything but it was a grueling schedule he's happy to leave behind him.

The graduation ceremony was very nicely done. It started with the Georgetown Pipe and Drum Band playing the graduates in. I was pleased to see that because it finally gave me a visual for it, important since Ross really wants to be at Georgetown and in that band.

Then there were some speakers, including Chief Menches who gave good insight into the field and changes that he, as an old man firefighter, expects to see in the next generation. He reiterated the importance of a formal education and I was so relieved to think "formal education? check." He also told us there are 1 million firefighters in the US but only 400,000 are career. The rest are volunteer or part-time. Good thing to remember during the job hunt. I'm glad for Ross' plan to volunteer at Sam Bass FD immediately to keep his skills up while he looks for a full time gig.

Chief Menches also told the cadets to take the holidays to show appreciation to the people who helped make their achievement a reality. Thank you Chief, I agree. :)

AND THEN my honey was recognized for being commanding cadet during live fire training. He got a pretty wood plaque and was fawned over adequately. He even got to speak! Ross did great with the speech - complimenting his lieutenants and the other cadets on a live fire well done.

Finally we had the handing out of diplomas and then off to dinner. Very nice little graduation night.

We told Megan - pretty soon, we'll do it for you!

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Brittney said...

Yay! Congrats to Ross!