May 7, 2009

Bermuda BAHAMA come on pretty mama

We are officially going to the Bahamas for our honeymoon! Woohoo!

We had a mild freak out yesterday because I checked the price for Sandals again and it had gone up $400. Now if you knew how much it cost in the first place you would say "really guys? After THAT price you are going to sweat $400?" But the answer is yes; we're cheap. (If AJ were to read this that is where she would roll her eyes and yell "YES!")

But being cheap is good for us right now as we try to save for our first wonderful home. So we did some shopping around and found the original price on (as opposed to which we had been using). If we used Expedia though we couldn't use our $200 Orbitz coupon. Bummer. And then the real shopping started.

A million mixed reviews for a dozen hotels later we decided that EVERY hotel, even our coveted Sandals, got bad reviews. If they are all getting mixed reviews we didn't need to drop the big bucks and risk anything less than perfection.

After all that we settled on an all-inclusive hotel that only ranked .2 stars below Sandals but was $1200 less: Breezes Bahamas $1200 is worth a .2 star sacrifice don't you think? And we were able to book it through Orbitz so the coupon applied. AND we have travel rewards on our Capital1 card.

See pictures of our lovely honeymoon resort, courtesy of the resort itself:

Now I know this blog may seem 1) a little tacky for dealing with money and 2) like an ad for Breezes Bahamas/Orbitz/Capital1, but you read this thing for a sneak peak at the life of Cheryl and Ross and this week, that's the life of Cheryl and Ross.

Long story short: Breezes Bahamas, here we come! For a full honeymooning week!

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