May 3, 2009

Flowers from one, graduation for the other

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When I got home from DC last week, Ross had cleaned the house (I envision like in the movies when the husband realizes the wife will be home in a matter of hours and clothes are on the ceiling fan, dishes piled above his head and he and the dog are sharing a plate, suddenly a mad-dash done montage style starts), bought me these lovely flowers and was starting dinner. Now ladies, if that's not a good man then there is something out there that I've really missed. I was incredibly pleased with him.

Nearly a week later I think the flowers are actually blooming more. The house is almost as clean and he's fixed me a couple meals.

And Friday we went to Waco for little bro's college graduation. Woohoo little bro! He looked so educated and snazzy in that cap and gown. (The only instance in life where a man can wear a gown and where a gown can be worn with a cap.) Mom and Dad officially have got both their kiddos through college. I think that's a pretty good record. They are batting 1000 on college graduations. Anyway I am very proud of him and as soon as I can pull the photos off my camera I will share them.

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