Jun 23, 2009

Are you going to work?

That's the question my pastor asked me today. As in..

Pastor: I meant to ask, will you work once your married? (dead serious)
Me: (looking to Ross for a clue) Yes.
Pastor: Where?
Me:...Same place I work now (very confused...is my employment supposed to change. crap is that like changing my name but nobody told me?)
Pastor:...which would be...
Me: Oh, Girl Scouts; communications.

I found this line of questioning to be baffling. Was I going to work? Would it make any sense at all to quit working just because I was married? TODAY?! In the 21st century? Now if the question had been "will you work once you have kids" then yeah that's a more reasonable question. But I was just floored by this idea that because I transition from a Ms. to a Mrs. that I might quit working.

Rest assured Girl Scouts, I'm not going anywhere. I will keep working and taking full advantage of my many vacation days. I'll be working once I'm Mrs. Black, once I'm Mommy and maybe even for a couple years once I'm Grandmommy. This gal is a working girl!

(And my honey, he's a working man. And Lexi, well she's just cute.)


Anonymous said...

Get a job Lexi! Gotta earn your keep too! :)

Cheryl said...

HAHA. Right?! Instead she just chews up magazines, flip flops...