Jun 28, 2009

Hunting & Nesting

We're getting really excited to buy our house. Friday night we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and chatted all about our new house. We've not started actually going and looking at houses yet but each day it becomes a little more real that we're going to buy something this year. And with every paycheck we feel more secure in our decision. It's so exciting!

Our friend Kandi recommended a real estate agency to me this weekend and I've been playing on their Web site all afternoon. It's a very user friendly site and I'm finding tons of houses that I love. This particular agency, Zip Realty, offers a cash back rebate when you purchase through them. I have to say, I'm pretty into that idea.

In addition to looking at actual houses, I am looking at all the new house things we want. Mom reminds me that its OK and probably smart not to do it all at once. And I know that. But we've not decided what we're going to do first so I'm just looking at it all. Paint colors, living room sets, bedroom sets, guest bedroom bedding, refrigerators, rugs, EVERYTHING. Mom just told me that we can have the daybed from my room at their house which means suddenly we have guest room furniture. Woohoo! The guestroom will double as my office so I get to decorate however I want. It will definitely be a warm color but whether its orange, red or pink is TBD. I had been thinking bright tangerine walls but it might be hard to find bedding and furniture to compliment that well. Perhaps a girly pink and do the whole shabby chic thing. I dunno...what do you think?

We're both really excited for the new house and I know our biggest challenge is going to be keeping our excitement in check. We have to remember that not every decoration or piece of furniture needs to happen at once.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the outside of one of the houses we've looked at online.

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