Jun 15, 2009

ROWE, ROT, Puppies, etc

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Ready for the laundry list? Here it goes.

Today I read about ROWE or Results-Only Work Environment. They do it out at the San Gorgonio Girl Scout Council under the leadership of youngest Girl Scout CEO ever, Jessica Lawrence. In a nutshell, Jessica told her staff that she knows just because they are in the office at their desk doesn't mean they are being productive and just because they are at home/Starbucks/where ever doesn't mean they can't be productive. So work when you want, where you want so long as you get the job done. And so they adopted ROWE, making them the first non-profit in the country to do such. I think its pretty cool though I will admit for a type A-er like me, I'm not sure if I could go quite that far. But I like seeing someone do it and prove that it works because hopefully even if many CEOs won't go to that extreme, some ROWE-ish tendencies can be adopted across the board. A friend's ex had an office policy that you be in 10a-3p every day and otherwise work from home, early in the morning, late at night, whatever. But you were there 10a-3p and were available for some face time should anyone need it. Even that sounds pretty reasonable and flexible to me. And that was a government job! Fortunately my department at GSCTX embraces flexibility. It's pretty awesome that Lexi is a legit reason to work from home now and then. Rock on Jessica Lawrence and ROWE.

ROT is the Republic of Texas rally which made Ross one very busy bartender this past week. Love those bikers.

Puppies is really just the one and only Lexi the amazing pointer pup. And here she is with her graduation cap falling off her cute little head. Ain't she sweet?

Etc is...

  • Hiring Nichole to be the day-of wedding coordinator which essentially means she makes sure we all walk down the right aisle and that the right people are waiting at the alter. And that Mom gets to enjoy the ceremony. Woohoo!
  • Going to DQ tonight because I was totally sucked in by the Chocolate Brownie Batter Blizzard commercial I saw yesterday.
  • Still feeling confident in our ability to buy a house this year and having two top of the list favs picked out.
  • Having my bridal shower in a little less than a month and being very excited for it. Ross and I added home things like a grill and lawnmower to our wedding registry in prep for the new house.
  • Taking the pup on a walk in prep of DQ...

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