Jun 9, 2009

The Great Wedding Rush

First, Lexi graduated puppy school last Wednesday! Woohoo! The picture has nothing to do with anything else I want to write about but its a really cute pic and I haven't shared it yet. So consider it shared now. K, moving on from Lexi (gasp!).

Now that we've decided to buy a house this year, we're trying to get the wedding all planned by the end of next month. Ambitious feat but very necessary.

Tonight we met with our potential DJ. He seems like a really good guy. He's super mellow which is very different than most the personalities I work with regularly. I guess for that reason he struck me a bit as uninterested at first but Ross pointed out that not everyone is a retired cheerleader and student council member. AND given that said DJ just called me to give me one more small detail that he forgot (and that saves me money) I feel like he's probably just mellow, not uninterested. And maybe on a wedding day, it will be good to have a pivotal player who isn't high strung. Goodness knows Mom, me, Nancy and probably even Ross will be running on enough adrenaline to power the US Army. I think that little follow up phone call may have just scored him a gig.

Other wedding things are going well. We had our first session of premarital counseling last week and have another next Tuesday. Our minister (Reverend technically I guess...is it the same thing?) is a nice guy who 'fessed up to not being overly religious in his 20s. It made me feel less guilty about my very sparse church attendance. The homework is pretty interesting too. We have to read three chapters in a book and being the overachiever I am, I've done it. They actually made me giggle a little at times and at other times I all but said out loud "OH YES THAT'S US." Talk about hitting the nail on the head! The chapters talked a lot about the habits of men that drive women crazy and vice versa. But also the value of being different and complementing each other. It's nice to be reminded that even if a habit drives me crazy, it probably provides balance to my life.

Other than that, all we do is talk about the house we're going to buy. We've found two cute ones (online searching) in South Round Rock that we really like. One is my fav, one is his but we both like both. Currently we are in charge of reminding each other not to get too excited because we're not quite ready to move. We would need either house to stay on the market a few more months before we could make an offer. But the good news is this all means there are houses in our price range in the part of town we want to be in. Woohoo!

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